PoGo API - A small collection of Pokemon Go tools and API's

The PoGo API

The PoGo API is a website dedicated to various machine readable data about Pokemon Go.

We aim to provide useful information that you can use to produce tools and information for the Pokemon Go community.


The documentation of our full Pokemon Go API's are available on the Documentation page.

Is it Shiny?

Using our Shiny Pokemon API we have created a simple page to show if a Pokemon is Shiny?

Does It Nest?

Using our nesting API we have created a simple page to answer a simple question, Does it Nest?

Is it Released?

View the currently released Pokemon visually on Is it released?.

Got a suggestion?

Got an idea for an API we can work on? Contact me on Twitter

Legal Stuff

The trademarks "Pokemon" and "Pokemon Go" are owned by their respective trademark owners. All information here is provided under a fair use clause and is not endorsed by the Pokemon Company.

All information distributed here is provided as-is and we (the authors) cannot be responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from PoGoAPI.net.

While we strive for this to be accurate things can rapidly change and may become outdated. If something is wrong or outdated feel free to contact me.

Thanks to the community

Thanks to @SukottoD, @BrunoDazMartn1, @PaoloRicciuti, @mknepprath, @Watkinschoffer, @ApingSince2016, @DaveCasteleyn, @marcb1387, @NeoxSwitch, @XhipGamer, @lambda_simon, @Tikkirej, @thehelvetian, @ChefPika, @pokecloudbot for their contributions to the API.